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An exclusive, different and cosmopolitan proposal in Mallorca, created by Gonzalo Ribot, to enjoy the traditions and flavours of the Mediterranean.

integral organisation of events
Gonzalo Ribot

Gonzalo Ribot 

(Madrid, 1965).

He organises and designs customised corporate and private events. He is also a graphic designer, yoga teacher, writer, tireless traveller and much more. He speaks several languages. He has studied Law, Communication and Advertising. He has lived in Brazil, USA, Ireland, Guinea Bissau, Mexico and Dubai (UEA). He comes back from each trip with a new flavour and a new ingredient that he integrates into his recipes with freshness and cheek. He knows no borders, he has no limits, he has inexhaustible energy and his smile is contagious.

He currently lives in Mallorca, where he works as a private chef and event organiser at foodandfriends. He has been involved in the production of cultural, gastronomic and business events for over 30 years.

With a boundless imagination and creativity, as well as an enviable cultural background, his way of working is a reflection of his character: cheerful, cosmopolitan and also sparkling.


private cherf services and organisation of events.

With foodandfriends you can enjoy a showcooking, a cooking workshop, a cocktail, our dishes or, if you prefer, cook yourself. In addition, if you wish, you can have a private chef cooking live at your events.

All you have to do is choose the excuse to call us. We take care of the rest. It all starts with an idea. Discover our services.

“When I create a recipe, I base it on my own experiences. When it comes to cooking, I mix ingredients and quantities, depending on what is available on the market and always adapting them to my tastes. I mix sweet and savoury, meat and fish. I play with temperatures and different techniques. I enjoy spices and hot spices a lot. My passion for spices is a consequence of my travels and my experiences. I try to use the techniques that best suit my way of understanding cooking. If something works for me, I put it into practice. I cook what I like to eat, that’s why my recipes are so personal. I always say that a piece of my heart goes into every mouthful”.
Gonzalo Ribot. Sin Límites, 2015.


sin límites

It is a book of recipes. It is a memoir. It is a travel book. But above all, it is a book of solidarity written by Gonzalo Ribot, whose profits will go to Design for Development (DPD), the NGO of which he is Vice-President.

Since the beginning of DPD, in 2003, he has been the general coordinator of the projects in America and Africa, developing and directing all the action programmes carried out (integration, management, teaching, training, design, cooperation and development). From time to time he leaves his home and his job to cross the world and dedicate several months to social projects in Latin America or Africa.

She has a master’s degree in Corporate Social Responsibility. He gives conferences, talks and workshops on CSR in different groups and business associations all over Spain.

“I am generous in all aspects of my life. Also with my time. Helping others to solve problems, to organise an act, an event, a dinner or a party, costs me nothing. I go out of my way for my friends, for my clients, for my projects. I get involved to unsuspected limits. It is part of the philosophy of my life: to give in order to receive”.

Gonzalo Ribot. Sin Límites, 2015.

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we take care of everything: we plan, organise and produce your event.
our ingenuity: we are always breaking ground.
we add a bit of sense of humour to life.
we leave no stone unturned.
we work person to person: there are not two similar clients, every event is unique and special.
25 years guarantee our consolidated experience. 

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