full-range events and catering solutions

event planner & mice agency

event planner & mice agency

comprehensive care of all type of events.

We plan and organize private, corporative and MICE events.

We are experts in creating tailor-made events for international and domestic groups, either a holiday trip or a business meeting.

We offer you exclusive and unique solutions adapted to your demands. We guarantee the success of all kind of events. 

Tell us your dream.
We’ll make it happen! 

private chef

culinary experiences for bold palates.

A private chef, wherever you want it and whenever you need it. An exclusive and custom-made service: seasonal eco-friendly cuisine.

Seasonal eco-friendly cuisine daily cooked. Gonzalo and his team will take care of every detail to bring you all the local flavors, while explaining the ingredients and recipes to your friends and family. An opportunity to discover Gonzalo’s smile and home-made recipes.

“When I cook, I relive my own experiences. When it comes to cooking, I mix ingredients and quantities, according to market availability and always adapting the recipes to my taste. I am not an ordinary chef. I mix sweet and salty: fish and meat; fruits and veggies… I play with temperatures and techniques. My plates are singular, different, tasty and unique. A mix of traditional cuisine with modern flavors. I cook for my friends what I like to eat. I always say that with every bite you are eating a piece of my heart.”
Gonzalo Ribot. Sin Limites. 2015

Gonzalo Ribot (Madrid, 1965) is the Executive Chef of foodandfriends and is responsible for designing tailor-made events. He is also a talented graphic designer, yoga teacher, writer, avid traveler and much more! He speaks several languages and studied Law, Communication and Advertising. Gonzalo has lived in Brazil, United States, Ireland, Guinea-Bissau, México and Dubai. As a result, he returns from each trip away with a new flavor and a new ingredient which he incorporates into his recipes, adding a touch of freshness and audacity. He knows no borders or limits and has an inexhaustible energy and a truly infectious smile.



unique tailor-made gastronomic experiences.

Our aim is your satisfaction, cooking is our inspiration. Our team will work hand to hand with you to fulfil and understand your needs. We offer you exclusive and unique solutions adapted to your demands.

We create singular, once-in-a-lifetime moments, specially designed for you; one-of-a-kind seasonal menus according to your food preferences 

We have the best partners to guarantee success. We will cover everything down to the last detail.

All you have to do is enjoy!

how do we do it?

we take care of everything: we plan, organise and produce your event.
our ingenuity: we are always breaking ground.
we add a bit of sense of humour to life.
we leave no stone unturned.
we work person to person: there are not two similar clients, every event is unique and special.
25 years guarantee our consolidated experience. 

create, manage and promote your event with us. contact us!

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